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FCPS Launches Living Fit in Fairfax Project | Health

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FCPS Launches Living Fit in Fairfax Project
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From Fairfax County Public Schools:

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has received a Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant from the U.S. Department of Education that will fund the Living Fit in Fairfax project. This three-year grant project is designed to improve the health and fitness literacy of FCPS students by coordinating nutrition, fitness, and physical activity opportunities.  Living Fit in Fairfax is fitness-based and supports student achievement under the Virginia Standards of Learning for health and physical education.  Goals of the project include:·         Instruction for all students in grades K-12 in healthy eating habits, good nutrition, and concepts of fitness and health; promotion of strategies to increase student activity; and opportunities for students to develop positive social and cooperative skills while participating in physical activities.·         Increasing students’ understanding of healthy nutritional habits and the relationship of nutrition to health, performance, and appearance.·         Implementation of online, individualized nutrition and fitness planning for students to motivate them to manage and improve nutrition, fitness, activity, sleep, and hydration behaviors.·         Upgrading and expanding online fitness, nutrition, and activity behaviors portfolios, as well as assessment software that will disaggregate, analyze, and report data to provide results to students, families, and administrators. Results will be provided on an immediate, intermediate, and long range basis. Students can track and report their progress and administrators can determine any needs for program change based on data.·         Providing nutrition and fitness equipment to contribute to a comprehensive program that provides a natural school-to-life transition for students.·         Building on current community collaboration and partnership opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom. Project assessments will include measures for daily physical activity, cardiovascular fitness levels, and nutrition. These measurements will be assessed through pedometer and activity logs, 20-meter shuttle (PACER), and nutrition logs for schools involved in each year of the grant. Additional data collection will include fitness measures, knowledge assessments, and surveys that may involve all students. Involvement by community partners will also help increase student activity levels outside of the school day. Physical education programs, SACC, and Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services will provide fitness and nutrition activities for students in before- and after-school programs.  Living Fit in Fairfax represents a turning point for physical education in providing health and fitness literacy and improved activity for all students.
Health, News, Schools