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Let's Be Real: Dems will pay if Obamacare doesn't work out | News

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Let's Be Real: Dems will pay if Obamacare doesn't work out

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- How many ways can you say this shutdown should never have happened?

Even at a time when our politics are corrosive and leaders horribly divided, the idea of one House of congress holding the whole government hostage over a law that's already been passed should have been too scary to contemplate.

Why? The same reason neither we nor the Soviets ever launched the nukes. The inevitable retaliation was too terrible a price - in other words, once you do this nothing keeps the other guy from doing it to you.

Not only that but now the President can't possibly back down as that would encourage more hostage-taking and the tea party types driving this thing from the GOP side can't give in either because it's really hard to explain to voters that you did all this for nothing.

So here we are, hopefully sooner rather than later cooler heads will prevail and Uncle Sam will get back on his feet and Obamacare, the law of the land, goes forward.

But let's be real: If the Affordable Healthcare Act does end up destroying jobs and wrecking our finances, angry voters will punish democrats for passing it and that will be GOPs opportunity to repeal or replace or whatever.

That is unless, the Democrats somehow hold on to House of congress and threaten to shut down the government.