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Fairfax County Celebrates Try Transit Week Sep. 19-23 | News

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Fairfax County Celebrates Try Transit Week Sep. 19-23
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From Fairfax County Department of Transportation:


Fairfax County is celebrating Try Transit Week the week of September 19-23 and Car Free Day on Thursday, September 22, by encouraging residents to “uncar” for a day and try an alternative to drive-alone commuting. 


On an average weekday, over 25% of employed Fairfax County residents aged 16 and older commute to work by a method other than driving alone.1  Fairfax Connector buses carried over 10 million passengers last year, including an average of 35,000 passengers per weekday.  Fairfax County salutes these commuters who regularly take transit, share a ride, or use another alternative to go to work each day, because traffic would be much worse if they decided to drive alone! 


Conversely, traffic would be much improved if even more commuters opted to go car-free more often.  By reducing the number of single-occupant vehicles on the road -- or getting more people in fewer vehicles -- commuters can enjoy less traffic while improving air quality and saving money on fuel, maintenance and parking expenses.


Many transit options are available to commuters in Fairfax County, including bus service on Fairfax Connector, TAGS, CUE, Metrobus and REX, and rail service on Metrorail, Virginia Railway Express and Amtrak. 


Carpooling and vanpooling are other alternatives to drive-alone commuting that can reduce the stress of rush-hour driving and provide a faster trip by using High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on I-95/I-395, I-66 and the Dulles Toll Road in Fairfax County.  There are over 40 Park and Ride facilities in Fairfax County where commuters can meet their carpools or vanpools, and most offer free parking.


To go completely car-free, commuters can try bicycling or walking.  Fairfax County has a vast trail system and continues to build on-road bike lanes throughout the county.  It's also easy to Bike and Ride in Fairfax County, because all Fairfax Connector and Metrobus buses are equipped with bike racks. 


Programs such as the Guaranteed Ride Home program make it easier for commuters to leave their cars at home and try transit or ridesharing because it provides a free taxi ride home in case an emergency occurs during the day.  Many employers offer fare subsidies such as Metro's SmartBenefits to employees who take transit or ride in vanpools.  Some employers offer premium or reserved parking spaces for carpools and vanpools.  Many Fairfax County employers offer telework programs that allow eligible employees to work from home once or twice a week.


There are many ways to try transit or go car-free in Fairfax County, and residents can find resources for these and many other options on the Fairfax County Department of Transportation web site at www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot.  Residents who pledge to try transit or go car-free can also enter to win great prizes by visiting the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation’s Try Transit Week web site at www.trytransitweek.com and the Commuter Connections’ Car Free Day web site at www.carfreemetrodc.com.

News, Transportation