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The Bloom is Off of Bloom | Business

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The Bloom is Off of Bloom

Attracted by the now long gone quirkly commercials, I patronized the Bloom in Annandale on a fairly regular, bi-weekly basis, since it opened. Mostly for sales, although at 99 cents, their bunch parsley was the best value I could find. The physical plant impressed me as an expanded, upscale convenience store, more than 7/11, but less than a supermarket in terms of selection, but on a par expensewise with the former. Like my club card touts, "Shopping is a Breeze." Given the concept was most likely conceived in more robust economic times, I am not surprised that this experimental hybrid failed in the current financial climate. It could have survived had the corporate powers that be adapted to the times and the chain had been recast into a "more choice than..., more ambiance than..., lower prices than..." model. Sadly, their lack of savvy and nimbleness has taken the bloom off of Bloom, and will add to the regional unemployment, which most likely was a factor in its demise, when there was a viable niche for this "different kind of store."