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Celebrate National Squirrels Day at Hidden Oaks Nature Center | Events

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Celebrate National Squirrels Day at Hidden Oaks Nature Center

From Fairfax County Park Authority:

Love them or hate them, the Eastern Gray squirrel is a well-known character in neighborhoods throughout Northern Virginia. They regularly defeat squirrel-proof bird feeders, treat gardens like their personal buffets, and nibble on the faces of helpless jack ‘o lanterns. But even the most ardent squirrel haters grudgingly admit that the furry little rodents are both clever and cute and are impressed by their arboreal acrobatics. In 2001, a wildlife rehabilitator in Asheville, NC, introduced Squirrel Appreciation Day to honor the omnipresent backyard bandit. The annual holiday has since become a national phenomenon.

Hidden Oaks Nature Center is celebrating National Squirrel Appreciation Day on Saturday, January 21, 2012, from 2 to 3 p.m., with a special event for families. Participants ages four and older will learn the survival strategies that make squirrels so successful in our suburban environment through stories, games, and songs. They’ll also learn easy ways to make their backyards more attractive to entertaining squirrels, including flying squirrels!

The fee for this program is $5 per person. Registration is available online at www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/hiddenoaks/public.htm or by calling 703-222-4664. For more information about the program or the center, call 703-941-1065.