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What's on Your Mind? | Health

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What's on Your Mind?

Scientific study after scientific study has confirmed, absolutely, that our brains are much more attracted to negative images and thoughts. The brain typically detects negative information faster than positive information. Our brains actually have a negative bias. We now know that you can rewire your brain to think and act in ways that lead to greater success and happiness. This is good information to have because it allows us to be aware and then to shift it towards the positive.

For example, once you are aware that you are harboring negative thoughts think of yourself walking down a path that has a fork…the right path is taking you towards more negative. So what you need to do is as soon as you become aware, stop and turn around, and then go on the left path.  

Realize you have a choice…and choice is empowering!

Shift your emotions and take charge of your life!

To learn more about our brain, two great books are Buddha’s Brain by Dr. Rick Hanson and You Are Not Your Brain by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz.


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Susan Samakow, PCC, CPCC

Certified Business, Life & Leadership Coach & Speaker