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Route 50 Widening West of Chantilly to Begin

From VDOT:

FAIRFAX—Construction begins next week to widen Route 50 from four to six lanes between Poland Road in Loudoun County and Route 28 in Fairfax County. The 3.7-mile design-build project will take three years to complete.

Motorists will begin seeing construction equipment and work crews on Oct. 5, weather permitting. Through next spring, crews will be working only on westbound Route 50,  restriping pavement and shifting lanes to make room for construction.

Fairfax County Celebrates Try Transit Week Sep. 19-23

From Fairfax County Department of Transportation:


Fairfax County is celebrating Try Transit Week the week of September 19-23 and Car Free Day on Thursday, September 22, by encouraging residents to “uncar” for a day and try an alternative to drive-alone commuting. 


Traffic calming proposal ignites passions on both sides of issue

Traffic calming proposal ignites passions on both sides of issue

A meeting of the Ravenwood Park Citizens Association (RPCA) Monday evening to discuss a proposal for “traffic calming devices” on Patrick Henry Drive was anything but calm.

Several local residents who opposed the devices repeatedly yelled during the meeting, interrupting the speakers. One man screamed that the voting process was “patently unconstitutional” before storming out of the room.

Police Warn Public about Dangers of Sinkholes and Road Damage

From Fairfax County Police Department:


Several roads in Fairfax County remain closed due to torrential rain and flood damage. Sinkholes, road cave-ins, and bridge damage present a continued danger to pedestrians and drivers and police have cordoned off these areas with flares, cones and police tape. It is not safe to play near or travel through these areas.

The road and surrounding area may look stable but the ground and supporting material could give way at any time. Anyone caught beyond the police barriers could be charged with playing on streets and highways or with crossing police lines, perimeters or barriers. These are misdemeanor charges that carry fines of not more than $250 or $500.

The following areas are affected by sinkholes:

Cameo Square in Springfield (near Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road)

8700 block of Birch Cliff Drive (near Sandy Run Regional Park)

The following areas are affected by road damage:

Flooding Safety Tips and Previous Flooding Locations

Flooding Safety Tips and Previous Flooding Locations

From Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department:


Flash flooding of roads, streams, and other low-lying areas during heavy and prolonged rainfall can be dangerous. This is especially true for motorists attempting to negotiate a roadway that cannot be easily seen because of high water and limited visibility. Flooding due to high rainfall and swollen streams can take its toll on the unsuspecting driver. The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department offers the following safety tips when flooding is forecasted and locations of past flooding areas. 

Never drive through a flooded roadway; the depth, current, and condition of the road are all unknowns and can be deadly.

If you come to a flooded area while driving, stop and take an alternate route.

If your vehicle stalls on a flooded road and water is rising, get out of car, call 911, and move to higher ground.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Reopened

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Reopened

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (US 50/301) has reopened and is operating under PHASE II WIND RESTRICTIONS due to sustained winds of 42-45 mph and wind gusts of 53 mph.

 House trailers, empty box trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, hitch trailers with sides or any vehicle that may not safely cross the bridge are prohibited from traveling the bridge.

 If sustained winds exceed 50 mph, only automobiles, pickups trucks, flatbed trailers, commercial busses and heavy laden tractor trailers will be permitted to cross the bridge. Tractor-box trailers weighing less than 64,000 pounds will not be permitted to cross.

Capital Bikeshare Shutting Down at 6pm

Capital Bikeshare Shutting Down at 6pm

(Washington, D.C.) Due to anticipated high winds, heavy rain and potential flooding, Capital Bikeshare will be closing down the system at 6 p.m. Saturday, August 27th.  During the shutdown those members that have bikes out will still be able to return them, but new rentals will not be possible.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but we take the safety of our members very seriously.  We will reopen the system as soon as it is safe to do so and will notify members when the system is running again.

The above information was sent to us from John Lisle.